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When nationally renowned chef, Kevin Nashan, asked us to develop the branding for his latest project we jumped at the opportunity. His vision – a traditional Acadian-influenced lobster and crab shack in St. Louis. The interior design screams "upscale shack," where everything feels hand-crafted and honest, so we carried that feel into the logo, signage, menus, uniforms and promotional materials. Antiqued brick painting that looks traditional and worn. A blade sign crafted from reclaimed barn wood and hung from a custom-designed bracket made of rusted steel. We even used a rusted sign from the previous business as a base for a hand-tooled, two-tone rusted, back-lit metal crab as a simple, yet rustically elegant identifier at street level. Inside, the acid-washed zinc oyster board compliments the aged look of its surroundings, complete with rusted iron hardware and hand-painted slats announcing the day's raw bar offerings. The menu – clean, simple and traditional with antiqued fonts and subtle design touches and easily client-updatable as dishes, ingredients and seasons change. The food is presented on custom designed butcher paper adorned with a textured pattern of stylized crab and lobster. The response from Chef Nashan and his clientele have made the splinters and tetanus shot well worth it.